Good Enough Episode 57 – Moooooorrrrdddoooooooorrrrrrr

Turkeys! Mario! Breakfast!


What is Inside Cuphead’s Cup?

Cuphead┬áis a beautiful game, guys. That animation is absolutely top-notch, and I can’t even begin to imagine the work that went into it. All the bosses are grandiose and fluid and evocative of the golden age of animation in a way that simply does not exist in video games. When we talk “retro” in video […]

Rating the Puzzles of Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7┬áreleased in January of this year, making now the best time to write about it. Gotta catch these titles at the height of their internet buzz, right? The game represents a return to the horror roots of the franchise, and is, quite frankly, really damn good. The atmosphere, setting, inventory management, scarce ammo, […]